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Rose de Taif

Hidden in the oldest city, Taif in Saudi Arabia. This Arabian Damask rose is a rare and precious discovery. The rose possesses a powerful and sophisticated fragrant scent that entices the senses. Nature has created an alluring and captivating aromatic oil that is considered the best in the Middle East. The exotic Saudi-Arabian rose is the true heart of the scent; this unique combination is truly a masterpiece.

Rose de Taif

Like a true gem the alluring aroma, Rose de Taif is a harmonized accord with an accent on the light floral scent purely of rose and a few complimenting raw materials that highlight the true romance of her elegant beauty. This unique combination will hypnotize your senses and others around.


Head: Lemon, Nutmeg, Geranium
Heart: Rose of Taif Essence
Base: Rosa Damascena Absolute, Rose Musk
Perris Monte Carlo - Extrait - Rose de Taif


Our Perris Monte Carlo Extracts Collection is the purest concentration and offer customers the most luxurious of quality with a higher concentration. Reconstructing each composition, heightening the level of select ingredients and enhancing the quality of select secondary ingredients have created each fragrance with a richer, more opulent and captivating elixir.

For Rose de Taif, we have intensified the concentration of the rose essential oil and rose absolute. Subtly introduced a concentration of lemon and geranium. The result is reminiscent of a full blooming rose garden with an everlasting alluring aroma.

The blossoming elegance of the roses is paying homage to the natural beauty of the flower.