Gian Luca Perris is the founder and Creative Director of Perris Monte Carlo Maison as well as the Nose. He aspires to bring back the true art of perfumery. The love story between him and the perfumery is rooted in his childhood. Gian Luca was born in Rome, he  studied economics and commerce but soon followed his family activity: Perris Group was created in 1981. After multiples years of experiences in the sector he created Perris Monte Carlo, in 2011.The most important thing for Gian Luca is to focus on scents and use the raw material to create the one and only scent.


Jean-Claude Ellena is considered one of the greatest perfumers in the world. Born in Grasse, cradle of the Haute Parfumerie, Ellena became an apprentice at the factory of essential oils maker Chiris at the age of 16. In 1968, he became the first student at Givaudan Perfumery school. 

Since 2018 Ellena collaborates with Perris Monte Carlo creating Les Parfums de Grasse. For this collection our desire was to create fragrances which represent history and unique craftsmanship of Grasse enabling everyone to enjoy the quality and true greatness of the art of French perfumery.


Luca Maffei officially made his debut in 2007. At the end of his classical and economic studies, Luca became an assistant perfumer within the family business. “Dad and grandfather are in the industry; I grew up among perfumes. From an early age I developed a particular sensitivity”. In contact since childhood with the world of essences, he was "immediately overwhelmed by the charm of raw materials and the mysterious alchemy with which they combine" and decided to deepen this unique and wonderful World. In 2011, together with his father, Luca founded Atelier Fragranze Milano Srl, of which he is a perfumer and CEO.



Jacques Flori starts his career in Robertet in 1973.

Throughout his career his activity led him to work on projects around the world, for instance, in Indonesia and the United States; working for big names in the fragrance industry.

A great lover of nature, Jacques Flori draws his inspiration from natural raw materials.



Jean Michel Santorini has started his career at Robertet in 1986.

First as an assistant, then he worked in GLC department before becoming a perfumer.

To Santorini « the perfumery is this fascinating world combining chemestry and alchimy to create a dream »




Mathieu Nardin is native of Grasse, he grew up in a family of perfumers and from a young age he learned to exercise his sense of scent.

His first step in the company at the age of 13 allowed him to discover the wishes and joys of this job.

Nowadays, Nardin is part of the new guard of Robertet perfumers. Passionate about travelling, he draws his inspiration from his encounters.