Fragrance layering

Discover a new inspiring way to wear Perris Monte Carlo fragrances

Thanks to the combination of fragrances, you will enjoy a personalized trail that is unlike any other, allowing you to have your very own made-to-measure perfume.

Perris Monte Carlo
Fragrance Layering

Perris Monte Carlo is a universe of unisex fragrances and formulas that highlight unique and exceptional raw materials. The perfect way to experiment with fragrance layering! Create your own personal combination by letting your imagination run wild, or by following our advice.
In this way, you can experience our fragrances in a new way. This will give you a tailor-made fragrance, perfectly suited to your personality, and an inimitable olfactory signature.

The art of Fragrance Layering

Layering adds originality to your olfactory ritual. To make it a success, here are our tips:

Layer fragrances in order of intensity

Apply the strongest fragrance first, then the lighter, according to the olfactive families (e.g. oriental fragrance first, then floral, or citrus). This will prevent the stronger scent from overpowering the lighter one.

Layer the fragrances immediately one after the other

Layer the fragrances on skin one immediately after the other, in order for them to blend and diffuse together.

Start with two fragrances

Layering is suggested with two fragrances, but you just feel free to mix as many fragrances as you like.


The best suggestion we could give is to experiment the combination of fragrances according to your creativity and taste!

Fragrance layering
Start the layering experience by finding the perfect fragrance combination and creating your personalized scent.