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Perris Monte Carlo Collaborates with Roberto Greco

The High Expertise of Perris Monte Carlo at Paris 8 in Monaco
June 6, 2017
April 5, 2018


Roberto Greco a prominent patron of the arts, a photographer with experience and knowledge, has held private exhibitions in the most prestigious galleries in Europe, his art work published in top tier editorials, a running list of notable collaborations and awards.

A true artist of his time, he draws inspiration from his surroundings and utilizes materials that are gathered from the city of lights, little shops and boutiques in Paris to the construction site rubbles that can be found within the images.

When a building is under construction or being destroyed, I am there with my backpack.

Roberto Greco

The key to his motivation for any brand, is finding the personality, educating, listening and immersing himself deep within the heart of the story.

With our Black collection, the artist focused his lens on the main inspiration, the raw material itself. He set out to capture his interpretation of the raw material. After meeting with our Creative Director, Gian Luca Perris and participating in a masterclass. He knew he had to interpret the main ingredient in an unexpected way.

Our Intimate Sit Down with Roberto Greco

Ylang Ylang Nosy Be – Eau de Parfum
Tubéreuse Absolue – Eau de Parfum
Santal du Pacifique – Eau de Parfum
Rose de Taif – Eau de Parfum
Patchouli Nosy Be – Eau de Parfum
Oud Imperial – Eau de Parfum
Absolue d’Osmanthe – Eau de Parfum
Cacao Atzèque – Eau de Parfum

1You’ve worked with many renowned fragrance brands; how do you keep the images true to the DNA of the brand?
It is all about discussion. Is there a story behind the brand? What is inside the bottle? The meaning of the title? Every single angle needs to be discussed prior to starting the shoot and sourcing of any additional materials to interpret the visual story.
2How do you translate a perfume into an image?
It all depends on the art direction. Sometimes the main character is the material itself. And other occasions, it is influenced by the general surroundings. If so, I will in turn play with the composition, texture, colors and lighting.
3Where did you draw your inspiration behind each PMC fragrance captured?
It might be a bit cliché. But I am inspired by everything that surrounds me. It can be a movie, a painting, or even a plant.
4Was there an overall theme for the Black Collection?
The overall focus for the Black Collection, the raw material itself. I didn’t want to be too didactic with the collection, that is why my goal was to interpret the main ingredient in an unexpected way. For example, with Patchouli Nosy Be, I used a huge brown/green leaf to translate the earthy and vegetal facets of the creation.

With Ylang Ylang Nosy Be, I played with a silk yellow sheet to mimic the complex creamy shades of the exotic yellow flower and for Rose de Taif, I knew I wanted to compose it with flowers. I wanted the audience to feel as though they are on a bed of scented roses.
5How do you pick your materials such as clay, paint, etc.?
I live in the City of Lights, the perfect city to find all your needs anywhere. There are shops that specialize in certain materials and nicnacs. But I also like to source my materials from the streets. Such as shattered mirrors, unique stones, broken wood. Anything can be used to transform a background or set an atmosphere.
6Which shot do you prefer most? And why?
It is hard to make one choice as I have an infinity for all my work. All that matters, my client is happy with the results. But if I had to make a choice, it would be Cacao Azteque. I like the way it expresses the scent. Meaning the main ingredient becomes the main accessory.

The dusty facet of Cacao Azteque translated with the real cacao, that I used for the background. While the bitterness is emphasized with the dramatic “chiaroscuro” ray of light. The red, the ochre and yellow shades added warmness to the fragrance and is a subliminal echo of the Aztec colours.

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