I see perfume as a means to enable one to experience the smell of the place from where a specific essence originates. Because every journey and every trip I’ve made many in my life, has its own unique smell.

For many years, I’ve been keeping a diary in which I record the infinite sensations I experience: the images, the colors, and the sounds.
But above all, as this is my profession and my passion, all the wonderful smells
that I’ve experienced.

When I close my eyes, I can experience them all. They are so unique, so precise and so intense that I could say that I have a deep relationship with the world through my nose.

You and I therefore need to make a deal.

For my part, I will guide you in making a true rediscovery. I will explain what ‘perfume’ is with a richness, completeness and depth that you have never experienced before. And I will enable you to rediscover our most powerful and least utilized sense: our sense of smell.

For your part, you will need to let yourself be guided. How? By slightly opening your nostrils. Breathing in. And then just wait.

It will be like going back in time to get closer to our beginnings. By using your sense of smell, you will learn to not only remember and to recognize, but also to better understand sides of yourself that were, until now, concealed
from you ...

You will understand, one step at a time, that there is far more to my perfumes. The happiness of experiencing the world to its fullest. The pleasure of journeying through fragrance notes from the past that have been reinvented – with knowledge and knowhow – for the present.

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