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Santal du Pacifique

Found within the Pacific Islands the Santal du Pacifique takes you on an adventure to uncharted territories. These Sandalwood lives in the south of the Tropic of Cancer, in between Asia and Oceania. The intense base has the capacity to harmonize different compositions. With the popularity arising, it is now seen as close to extinction and is now protected in India. It is nearly impossible to find natural Sandalwood essence, one can only *find minor essential oils.

Santal du Pacifique

Our alluring blend is a hypnotic and mysterious scent story. The warm, wood, velvety and creamy aspects of the aroma round into a warmth sensation complimented by floral aspects exalt the mysterious, sweet and heady side.

Giving Back: Our sandalwood is sourced with giving back to the environment. For every sandalwood cut, another 50 is planted.


Head: Carrot
Heart: Creamy, Orchid, Violet, Gurjum Balsam
Base: Pacific Sandalwood, Fry Woods, Musk
Perris Monte Carlo - Extrait - Santal du Pacifique


Our Perris Monte Carlo Extracts Collection is the purest concentration and offer customers the most luxurious of quality with a higher concentration. Reconstructing each composition, heightening the level of select ingredients and enhancing the quality of select secondary ingredients have created each fragrance with a richer, more opulent and captivating elixir.

For Santal du Pacifique, this is a mysterious and hypnotic blend that is velvety and creamy notes develop a warming characteristic. The natural aroma gives off an essence combination that is mysterious unique with pleasant results.

Creamy shades of texturized brown with hints of milky color powdered dust is a nod to the natural habitat of sandalwood.